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Note to The Students


  • We must speak and communicate only in English
  • Do your Homework regularly
  • Be regular in Attendance
  • Come to school in Neat and Full uniform
  • Develop Neat Handwriting
  • Keep Text-Books & Exercise Books Neatly Covered
  • Take part in as many as extracurricular activities available at school
  • Always Speak the Truth
  • Learn to use "Please", "Excuse me "and" Sorry" while talking to any one
  • Be silent in Assembly and classroom


  • Be Punctual to school
  • Save the School Property
  • Respect your Teachers, Parents, Brothers, Sisters and all the other elders and help them as much as you can
  • Do one thing at a time and Do it Well the school campus.
  • Don't run and push others in
  • Save the water and close the Tap Properly
  • Always remember to use the Dustbins.
  • Be on your behaviour be Courteous, Obedient and Disciplined.
  • The school diary should be brought to school every day
  • The students should go in proper manner to other classes.
  • The students should keep the Nail and Hair in proper manner.
  • Students must keep the school and class rooms clean.
  • Any damage done to school property / premises will imposing fine.
  • The student should be inside the classroom before 9.00 as well as 12.50pm after the lunch break silently The students should not take more leave without the Permission of the H.M.
  • The students should not allow to go outside the school campus in between the school hours.
  • At any circumstances if the school declared the holiday during the exams means that day exam will be conducted at last, other exams will be as usual.
  • Achievement report card can be given to Parents only during the Parents Teachers Meeting.
  • The students should inform the class teacher if they stayed with the guardians.
  • Wearing gold ornaments is strictly prohibited. The school is not responsible for it, if found lost.