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Focus on SNPS

"While we read History; we make History"

In our school we adopt variety of innovative instructional approaches in classrooms such as role-plays, story narrations, workshops, seminars, group discussions, brainstorming sessions etc. Our prime goal is not only to promote knowledge, but also more essentially, to inspire our children to live their life happily. We have great many new programs which enrich their skills related to arts, dance, music, physical well-being, science and sports. We mainly focus on enhancing their ability to think critically and creatively, transforming them to be empathetic and compassionate towards society. Sengunthar aims to open up new avenues for our children to discover and express their innate talents in several ways.

SNPS is a leading school located in heart of Erode City. It our school the class rooms are in dynamic place where concentration and hard work are easily facilitated. Children are encouraged to question & Joyful learning through Experimentation.

Here, we have a narrative of events and also a medium for students to review what happens in the school, which fundamentally is theirs, creators, analysts, writers, editors, critics, artists, photo journalists, computer wizards all get together in a collaborative spirit. I sincerely thank everyone for various achievements and to continue our journey towards new horizon.

Our (laudable) Institution commenced in 1942 to the horny of (judicious) person of "Irumozhi Chorkondal lyya TheivaThiru S. Meenakshi Sundara Mudaliar and the Avidity human "Saiva Peruvallal TheivaThiru. VV.C.R. Murugesa Mudaliar. Our seminary augmented in 1976.

Our Institutions were developed by the judicious person "Udyog Rattan" Theiva Thiru J. Sudhanandhen were his perfection is created with great zeal & zest. SNPS ideals based on the pillars discipline, Sincerity & Kindness. Promptly we have 810 elgents, 32 Florests, 6 Non-Teaching Staffs & 17 Care Takers.

We focus on the Student's Aspects & Ethics,

  • Self-Control
  • Respect
  • Aspiration
  • Responsibility
  • Pride
"Education is long life

We believe in saying "character is dearer than life"